Marketing Statistics Career

Marketing statistics is a career which involves the collection and study of data which helps one to understand the various factors influencing the market and its participants. A statistical analysis gives us knowledge about a specific sample of the population, what they think, need and what their views are. It helps to make decisions on the basis of that report.

This is very important in formulating strategies for making marketing and promotional campaigns. These marketing statisticians help with market research, policy analysis by utilizing various quantitative methods and calculations. You can work with a company or you can also offer your services as a consultant.

How to become a marketing statistician:

In order to become a marketing statistician you will need to do your undergraduate or graduate studies in subjects like statistics or economics. There are many business management courses which may have this field as an optional subject. You need to develop your research and analytical skills and be detail-oriented.

Marketing statistics career courses, training, programs:

Get enrolled in a college and university to get your bachelor’s and also a master’s degree in statistics, math, economics or business management. You can also do a course on psychology which will help you understand the thoughts of the sample population better. All these programs will offer different levels of marketing statistical knowledge.

Marketing statistics career schools/colleges, education:

You have many options that you can choose from in order to get the required education in this field. Read through their courses and see what programs they offer so that it helps you develop the skills required for the job.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Stanford University

University of California–Berkeley

Harvard University

University of Washington

Marketing statistics career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job opportunities in this field are dependent on which company you are doing your market analysis for but the average annual salary is $62,000.

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