You will need to be mathematically adept and have a passion and ability to share your mathematical knowledge if you want to pursue a math teacher career. Math teachers help students to understand mathematical problems, find solutions, understand conjunctures and comprehend hypothetical situations.

You can teach Math in a group setting or offer individualized coaching classes. There are a variety of ways to instruct students on Math apart from textbooks. For instance group exercises and interactive learning.

How to become a math teacher

Join an approved Bachelor of Education program to get a degree. Normally takes 4 years. Then get some teaching experience. This involves you actively teaching students Mathematics.

Additionally, you will need to obtain a teaching license from the State you will teach in. This will depend on the particular grades that you want to teach. You can get this license from the State Board of Education. Getting the license involves you passing a test and having a teachingexperience

Types of Math teachers

You can launch your Math teacher career by teaching middle school or high school students.

Middle school Math instructors teach geometry and algebra. High school Math educators concentrate on teaching probability, introduction to calculus, advanced geometry and algebra, statistics and trigonometry.

Courses, Training, Certification

You will need to attend a supervised teacher training internship for one semester when doing your undergraduate degree. Look for a collegewhich prescribes that you do a certain number of courses and offers core units before graduation.

Due to the critical shortage of Math teachers in most states certification programs have been instituted which allow you to study, as you are teaching student’s Mathematics.  There are night programs for those who are working.

You can enroll in a local college near you and finish your Mathematics course in under a year. For most Mathematics training programs classes involve learning Sociology of Education, Psychology of Education and Management of Classrooms.

Universities, Colleges, Prerequisites

A GPA of 3.0 is a prerequisite to joining any competitive college. However, some colleges can take you in if you have a GPA of 2.0. Some colleges will give you entrance exams before you can enroll for a program. This is usually a Math test which you should pass.

Some of the top Math teacher training colleges are:

  • University of Maryland-offers long distance online certification course
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • Virginia College online
  • Arizona State University
  • Cappela University-Online program

Jobs, Opportunities, Pay

Since there are not so many Math teachers available, you can be sure of having job security when you pursue a Math teacher career. Math teachers in post secondary institutions earn a salary of $65,000. The general average pay for math teachers is $57,000. You will also get a benefit package.

Highly experienced math teachers qualify for the student loan forgiveness program. This means that the teachers, once they have served for 5 years in title 1 schools get their student loans written off up to $17,500 as authorized by the 2004 Taxpayer-Teacher Protection Act.

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