Mechanical Engineering Career

Engineering careers have gained popularity in a fast evolving technological world. Mechanical engineers are not only involved in research but in the actual design and development of machines like car engines and other forms of equipment that use mechanics to operate. A mechanical engineering degree covers a broad array of engineering courses making one eligible for employment in many companies. If you are the type of person who tries to invent or solve intricate problems then this is the career for you.

How to become a mechanical engineer

To be able to have an exciting career in this field one needs a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from a recognized college or university. The Bachelor’s degree should not be limited to mechanics only but on computer related studies, sales, communication and fine arts. This makes and all rounded person and ups your creativity. Engineering requires analytical skills to help you work independently and/or in a team setting.

Types, description, information

Engineering involves the design, development, manufacture, production and maintenance of mechanical devices and components. The engineers have to ensure that components are functioning safely and optimally. Engineering demands continuous learning in response to the evolving technological demands. Engineers develop an array of mechanical devices like air conditioner systems, household appliances, commercial products and furnaces. Mechanical engineers spend their day carrying out various activities including research, solving of problems, brainstorming on ideas, development and designing, presentations, analysis and preparing and documenting formal reports.

Mechanical engineers can specialize in anyone of the following fields: Sales, Industrial equipment, Aerospace, Nanotechnology, Management, Materials, refrigeration among others.

Qualification: Courses, Training, Certification

A degree in Mechanical Engineering that takes 4-5 years from a recognized college or university is mandatory leading to a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Technology, Bachelors of Science or bachelors of engineering degree. The core subjects in Mechanical Engineering include statics and dynamics, Hydraulics, pneumatics, Engineering design, Thermodynamic, energy conversion, HVAC and heat transfer, Materials Engineering among others.

Schools, College, University

To be competitive in the job market you have to do a thorough background search of the college/university you want to apply to. The institution must have a track record of churning out competent engineers into the job market.

Below is a list of the top 5 colleges in the US offering Mechanical Engineering.

1. University of Arizona

2. Arizona State University

3. San Diego State University

4. Michigan State University

5. St. John University– New York City

Job opportunities, salaries and recruitment

The rate of employment for mechanical engineers is on the increase because of the need for more superior and efficient machinery. Biotechnology, nanotechnology and material science have advanced in terms of technology creating more employment opportunities for mechanical engineers. Skills and knowledge in Mechanical engineering being applicable to other engineering specialties further raises their demand in the job market.

Salaries: Salaries in this field vary with your level of education, specialization and the industry you are working for. The pay package for a holder of a mechanical engineer degree is much higher than other equivalent field.

The annual average base salary for a mechanical engineer ranges from $64,397 to $68,827

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  1. mangesh says:

    m confused between doing graducation in architecture or mechanical engineering… which field will get more money,,,,/

  2. Rahul says:

    ther is a great scope of engnrin, especialy mechanical bt where software dvlpment testin cmpnies pay u rs. 3.5 lak to 20lak p.a. Mechanicl frm wil ofr u nly 1.2l to 4lak p.a. Nly in india. For further dtails cntct on my i.d

  3. madhu sudhan says:

    hello sir/madam
    i have completed my engg mechanical in 2009. i have not done any design course. please suggest me in which field i have to go

  4. Theja says:

    Give more information about salaries

  5. KISHOR POWAR says:

    dear sir,
    I am mechanical engg. i have experience in proe & solide edge of 2yrs .i get married with a govt. officer now i m working as lecturer it is possible to come in industry from lectureship after 1 or two yr. or if i completed M.E. how much opportunity for me from industry

  6. vijayakumar.s says:


    i need quality related books /short time coures in chennai

  7. thangakumar says:

    hello sir/madam
    i have finished diploma in mechanical,than finished three designing soft ware,future which soft ware best ,i am already working tool designer but i like research job

  8. Rajesh Parashar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am currently working as a service engg. in Bosch Ltd. since 1st july,’09.

    I entered in this MNC through company organized training programme “STEP”, in which i got top rank in final round test.

    I have completed my diploma (mechanical) in june,’09. Previously have done my 10th (80.28%)in year 2005 & 12th (60.78%)in 2007.

    I have much interest in engg. drawing & analytical research.
    Also browse auto magazines frequently for auto tech updates.

    Please tell me,”what are the courses which suites for my qualification upgradations ?. Should I do B-Tech in mechanical/automotive which is essential for market value these days or going for some designing courses will be good enough.

    Must reply, because I don’t waste my time at all!!


    Rajesh Parashar
    Guwahati, India.

  9. siddhesh dilip palav says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am doing mechanical engg from Bombay university(T.E).Will you please tell what is the selection criteria in the job interview? I want to do my career in aeronautic engg .please tell me various ways to achieve it .

  10. ANSER SALIM says:


    I have completed Mechanical Engineering in 2010 and now my problem was which field i can take some of them are telling production is better some of them are telling construction field is better than production.pls give a suggestion which field can earn more money and good future

  11. subbu says:

    sir iam completing my diploma in mech. many compitative exams after diploma. Pls tell me.

  12. mahendra singh says:

    i have 3 yr diploma in mech. eng.
    suggest me which field is better for mo either gas&oil orthermal
    power plant

  13. zameer hussain says:

    i am in a very muddled state in case of selecting my subject of engineering pls help me in solving this dilemma buddy

  14. vijay kumar says:

    I am mechanical engineer. Presently I am working in ash handling company for last 2 and half year but I am not satisfied with my job. I have done M Tech from IIT. I am also confused which field should I select. Please guide me.

  15. Peter Kulyk says:

    Good afternoon.
    I may to describe me as specialist in machinery engineering. I have a 7 years experience in shipbuilding industry , and would like to full field my knowledge at job in mechanical engineer position. If you are interested in my person, please see attached CV.
    Best regards.

  16. Mayank says:

    I am a mechancial engineer. My job career started with a sales job in a reputed company, later I shifted to a Marketing Based company dealing with sales & marketing of Designing software. Since It was a change from field sales to Office job in IT sector. I am confused to which direction I must focus on to build a strong and reputed carrer.
    Can anyone please guide me regardign the same????

  17. Prashanth says:

    i done my diploma in mechatronics (72) in 2010.I am studying BE in industrial Productions at present.well i am totally confused whether to pursue courses related to IT or Mechanical.Plz Provide me a guidance

  18. Siddik surve says:

    I m completing diploma in mechanical after this suggest some good course

  19. mahesh says:

    i want to study , but mechanical , ece , these 2 branches which 1 is best 2 my carrier

  20. Rajeev says:

    I have done B.Tech in mechanical engg.. Presently i am working in a production based company as a maintenance engineer. Right now i have less than 1 year experience. I am very much interested in designing and development of machines. Can i switch over to this field in future. Please guide me.

  21. Basit Abdu says:

    Hey ,
    Right now I’m doing my 2nd year mechanical, and probably completing in a couple of years. I had passion towards the mechanism of machines and really interested in the subjects of fluids and thermodynamics .Straight to the point: What are the jobs available for me?.Hoping forward..

  22. Karamchand M. Menon says:


    I finished my MECHANICAL ENGINEERING two years ago and now is working as Operations Engineer in a manufacturing company. I am looking forward to a career in AVIATION. Can any one tell me the course that I am eligible to do for AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE??
    and also I would like to know whether there are more options for a mechanical engineer other than maintenance ???

  23. brighton shumba says:

    its a question, can i do mechanical engeering after a 4 year apprenticeship program of diesel plant fittin?

  24. dinesh says:

    I’m doing 3rd year Mech Engg and got specialisation in Manufacturing
    stream but not so good with design. And I’m interested to pursue my
    career in aeronautics stream. In what way (which further studies like
    MS/MTech) should I proceed with?
    I also have an opinion of doin a job for 2years and then complete MBA.
    Which would be better for a sound life?
    As a bottom line I’d like to add I’ve good grades so far and I’ve the
    confidence of excelling in whatever may be the stream you opt me.

  25. Mohammad Omar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I completed form 4 and want to join University but i have a problem regarding the course to take.I applied for Bsc Engg in 1.Telecommunication,2.Control and instrumentation,3.Mechanical and 4.Minning all in different Universities and got all.Pliz advise me which course should i pursue from the above because im supposed to start on 21 january 2012 and im totally confused.

  26. Monica Zarekar says:

    Iam 3rd year student of mechanical. Iam interested in aeronautics and also Automobile related stuff and doing research related work. Can u guide me.. wat should i do after B.E.

  27. vyas tajagna says:

    sir, i am studied in diploma in mechanical i’m confused what can i do after completing diploma to make design engineer for mechanical and how’s the value of it

  28. Ankith agarwal says:

    I have completed my 12th and i am confused about what to do mechanical engg or electrical engg which do you think is better

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