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Many schools, colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees in journalism and mass communication.  Some institutions also offer Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in both these subjects.  A degree is always an added advantage when you want to advance in the media career.

The best option is to choose subjects like English, Social Studies and Journalism in high school, if you want to opt for a degree in media related subjects.

Most schools, colleges and universities allow you to pick up summer jobs or internships in media-related organizations, while pursuing your degree.  This practical experience is very useful to gain an on-the-job understanding along with theoretical studies.

Subjects in the degree programs would vary depending on the media you have selected.  If your option is the print media then, you may have subjects like history of journalism, mass media, press law and ethics, reporting, editing among others.

Those who choose the broadcast media take on subjects related to radio and television broadcasting.  Such a course would include subjects like production procedures, announcing, writing, editing, strategic communication and other related-subjects.

Those opting for new media have to learn using computer software to merge text with graphics as well as audio-visual elements.  The subjects include appreciation of mass media and also study of the impact of mass media on its readers/audiences.

Some of the top colleges and universities for pursuing communications or journalism are:

Bradley University

Boston University

Asbury College

University of California, Berkeley

University of Phoenix

Some of the universities also offer Associate degrees as well as online courses.  Kaplan University, Strayer University Online andWestwood College are among the most popular ones offering online courses as well as Associate degrees.  More information and course description regarding the degree programs can be had by contacting the universities and colleges either in person or visiting their websites.

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