Media Correspondent Career

Career description:

A media correspondent is one who finds and reports news and information through various media like TV, newspapers, and the internet. The job involves a lot of travel sometimes even in adverse areas to get into the nitty-gritty’s of news that can attract the attention of the public. A media correspondent gets in touch with various officials and general public to get into the inner details or to know their opinions.

How to become a Media Correspondent:

To be an efficient media correspondent, the candidate must necessarily be a graduate. A post-graduation in media or journalism can give the candidate an edge over others. Additional certifications done or relevant work experience can be handy during executing the work.

Media Correspondent Career Courses, Training, Programs:

A graduation or post-graduation in journalism is a requirement to be a Media Correspondent. Training programs that teach you good communication skills, multitasking, and working under stressful conditions and tight deadlines will be extremely valuable.

Media Correspondent Career Schools/colleges, education:

There are many schools and college that teach media journalism. They include all aspects related to work in journalism including concepts, theoretical and practical aspects of working in stressful environments, tracking every detail, and making it available to the general public of every nook and corner of the world.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration

University of San Francisco McLaren School of Business

Walsh College

Bentley College Graduate School of Business

Media Correspondent Career Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

There are many opportunities in the Media Journalism sector to become a Media Correspondent. Initially the salary packages are low, but once you get enough experience, it is very easy to get entry in any of the big sized companies with a high package. The salary is of the range $20,000 to $60,000 with the average being $42,000.

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  1. Cydney says:

    Hi I am currently studying English at university and I am entering into my second year, I would love to persue a career in being a media correspondent, can you tell me what other qualifications I need after my degree and anything I can do right now to improve my chances in being a top correspondent.

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