Media Researcher Career

A media researcher career involves the planning, development, and organization of media programming.  It is the job of a media researcher to build on information and ideas for television, movies, radio and the internet.  The media researcher is to find audiences and the appropriate media for a specific program.  He is also tasked to review ratings of a program, analyze proposals and ideas, look for media sources, determine advertising and marketing venues, conduct surveys, research on copyrights of certain information or pictures, and check on trends in media.  The media researcher is to make sure that the general public is well-informed, thus helping them make the right choices.  With this type of career, one is able to exercise his skills in communication, organization, analysis, research, and human relations.

How to become a Media Researcher

To become a media researcher, one may earn a degree in journalism, mass communication, public relations, marketing, and any other related field.  Gain relevant experience in writing, editing, researching, and production.  One may pursue higher studies and earn a master’s degree. With much experience and education, one may advance into higher job positions.   As a media researcher, one must have skills in communication, research, computer use, and human relations.

Media Researcher Courses, training, programs

A degree in journalism provides an aspiring media researcher with the necessary knowledge and skills for the job.  The program covers various areas such as journalism, media law and ethics, radio and television production, reporting, production and management, magazine journalism, news writing, sports writing, feature writing, review writing, opinion writing, and copy and design.  One is able to gain both practical skills and experience through internships.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Columbia University in New York, New York

University of California-Berkeley, California

University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri

Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana

Northwestern University, Illinois

Media Researcher Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A media researcher has the opportunity to earn an average of $71,000 per year.  The salary would depend in the work location, employer, experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in various areas of media such as television, radio, internet, or film.

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