Medical Case Manager Career

Career Description:

Medical case manager positions refer to certain managerial positions in medical institutions. The individual assigned at this position has the complete responsibility of the assigned medical case and patient. The medical case manager as a health care professional is required to devise a proper treatment plan for the respective patient. The case manager is required to consider the patients history and other medical details while devising the plan. This individual is also responsible for ensuring proper implementation of the plans and that all the services required are coordinated with.

How to Become a Medical Case Manager:

Any individual who wishes to become a medical case manager must have first of all, complete a high school education. The individual should then gather further education in field relating to professional health care or health care management.

The basic requirement set by any institution is an associate degree in nursing or any other health care related field. Those who possess a master degree are given higher preference. An employer may also look for appropriate experience to hire an individual at this position.

Medical Case Manager Career Courses, Training, Programs:

There are multiple degrees both bachelor and associate available to an individual wishing to become a medical case manager. There are also higher level degrees courses i.e. master in these fields.

Many institutions prefer a registered nurse (RN), thus to get the certification of a registered nurse from the state authorities will be a huge benefit. Given the critical nature of the job position an individual before being employed at this position requires undergoing training. Such training is provided by a varied number of institutions all over the US.

Medical Case Manager Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

There are a varied number of medical institutions all over US which impart first class education to its students. There are also a huge number of institutions which provide training on the job. The infrastructure and the facilities at all of the state accredited institutions are up to the standard.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

Harvard University, Boston

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

University of California- San Francisco

Stanford University, Stanford

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Medical Case Manager Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

The trends show a huge requirement for case managers and the requirements have been experiencing a growing pattern. The mean annual salary of a case manager is somewhere around $68000.

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