Medical Geneticist Career

Career Description:

Genetics is that medical science study where the human genes and its effects etc. are studied. Medical genetics to be specific is that specialty which involves the study, the diagnosis and the management of the hereditary disorders. A medical geneticist is the individual who carries on the study of genes and this person has to be well qualified to do so. The geneticists conduct varied sort of analysis in collaboration with biologists and other medical professionals.

How to Become a Medical Geneticist:

An individual who aspires to become a medical geneticist and carry on the tasks associated with the position must first of all have bachelors’ degree in the fields like anatomy, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics etc.

The individual must also possess a masters’ level degree in any of the above mentioned fields or any other field which relates to genetics in medical science. Some individuals may also go for a Ph.D. in similar fields.

Medical Geneticist Career Courses, Training, Programs:

There are many medical institutions which provide training and career advancement courses to those who wish to become a medical geneticist. These individuals can pick out of the multiple programs and degree courses that are offered for advancement in this field.

Medical Geneticist Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

A number of state accredited institutions in USA have the provision of imparting quality education to those who wish to enter the field of medical genetics. These institutions have world class amenities and infrastructure which facilitates the process of imparting education.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

School of Medicine, University of Washington, St. Louis

Yale University, School of medicine

Harvard School of Medicine, Harvard University

University of Washington, School of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Centre

Medical Geneticist Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

A medical geneticist gets a salary of about $60000 per annum on an average. The prospects of those in the field of medical genetics are quite good as stated by the Bureau of labor Statistics. The requirement for geneticists has been growing the medical field. Also as the hierarchical level of an individual rises the salary rises as well.

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