Medical Research Scientist Career

Career Description:

Medical research scientists are those individuals who are involved in research work directed towards medical advancement. They use clinical trials and other varied methodologies to test the respective hypothesis or to draw appropriate inferences. For example they may research on human diseases, methods to prevent and treat them etc.

How to Become a Medical Research Scientist:

Holding a high school diploma is a basis of any education. But for those who wish to work as a medical research scientist the road of education is a long one. These individuals must have a bachelor’s or an associate degree in the field of medicine/ related to medicine.

After having completed graduation in medicine the individual must go forward with a master’s level degree in medicine or related fields. But the road to a medical research scientist does not end here. The individuals who engage in research work all have a Ph.D. in medicine or related fields which makes them suitable for carrying on research.

Medical Research Scientist Career Courses, Training, Programs:

The individual to be involved in medical research has to hold a Ph.D. Besides completing the education the individual has to have the basic know how of the research mechanism. An individual gains most of the required knowledge during the course of their Ph.D. This degree requires the individual to do varied sort of research. There are also institutions who indulge the students studying at their own faculty as well as from outside to assist in the ongoing research works.

Medical Research Scientist Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

There are numerous institutions all over USA which provide education in the field of medical research. These institutions have the best of faculties many of whom are considered great researchers.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

Harvard University, Boston

Yale University, School of medicine

University of Stanford

University of Washington, School of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Centre

Medical Research Scientist Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

Medical research scientists are essential for medical advancement to take place. The prospects of a career in this field are bright. The average salary that a medical scientist earns is about $77000 per annum.

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