Meteorologist Career

A career as a meteorologist is very interesting and exciting.  The job entails one to research about the weather; analyze data and then forecasting them on air.  A meteorologist has the responsibility of making sure that people are updated with weather and climate changes.  It is a career which involves more than just being seen on television or heard from the radio, it involves lots or research and analysis of atmospheric conditions.  With this type of career, one must have excellent communication computer and analytic skills.  There are many types of meteorologists.  There are environmental meteorologists, climatologists, forensic meteorologists, air specialists, weather forecasters and weather broadcasters.  If one wants to pursue this career, he must first orient himself with these types and decide which one he wants to be.

How to become a Meteorologist

One must be first interested in math and science.  One has to take a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, atmospheric science or any related field.  One may take electives such as journalism and communication. One can get internships to have hands-on experience.  If one wants to advance in this career, he may pursue higher studies.  Getting a master’s degree in meteorology will give one a chance gain skills in research and development.   A doctoral degree is also possible and would eventually give one the credibility to teach.

Meteorologist Courses, training, programs

The degree program in meteorology or other related fields touch on physics, biology, chemistry, math, and computer science.    Courses such as atmospheric chemistry, environmental meteorology, weather forecasting and climatology are taken by the aspiring meteorology.  Internships are also available to students to enjoy what they have learned inside the classroom as applied in practical activities.  Courses and training programs tickle’s one interest and imagination.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Cornell University


University of Wisconsin

University of Oklahoma

University of Pennsylvania

Meteorologist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A meteorologist can work in private firms or government agencies.  The job is not limited to weather forecasting.  A meteorologist can become a consultant, researcher or teacher.  There is much room for growth for meteorologists who are eager to learn more.   One may earn from $26,698 to $99,325 per year.

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    I am looking a meteorological job. Becouse I am a meteorological assistant of Bangladesh meteorological depertment. Pls help me to get a advatise.

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