Metro Training Career

Career Description:

A metro training career is a growth oriented and highly prospective career and this is mainly due to the fact that metro is an ever expanding organization or area of transport. The job responsibilities vary from training new employees in a specific metro system to training motorman or other metro train drivers in the operational aspect. There are different types of training that needs to be provided to metro personnel including HR, operations, traffic and movement, technical, electrical, and people or customer service.

How to become a metro trainer:

The first step is to complete the basic education, which is an undergraduate degree from a college and then apply for a course that is specific to a state or city’s metro service. On completion of metro specific programs, one will automatically get absorbed into metro through campus interviews.

Metro trainer courses, training and programs:

In order to become a metro trainer one needs to complete an approved metro related course from a licensed training center. Here one has the option to determine the type of course they want to pursue depending on the type of trainer they want to be.

Metro trainer schools/colleges, education:

There are specialized metro schools that offer specialized training for those pursuing metro training career.  Curricula include administrative skills and office support, bookkeeping, customer service, metro operations etc. One can also complete bachelors of engineering if they want to become trainers in electrical and mechanical divisions of the metro.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

  • CEC, New York Education Department (training for metro only)
  • Metro Traffic School – Florida
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University

Metro trainer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary in a metro training career will vary depending on the type of trainer like engineer or customer service. The salary varies from $ 29,170 to $76,054 per year.

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