Mortgage Agent Career

A mortgage agent is an individual who acts as a mediatory party between a lender and a borrower as far as property related transactions are concerned. These individuals help both the parties achieve their goals and must be knowledgeable about the loan process and other financial details involved in the transaction. A mortgage broker can either work on his own or may be employed at a mortgage company of a financial firm. To become a mortgage agent, one needs to satisfy certain educational and other requirements, which are mentioned as follows:

How to become a mortgage agent:

Any person who is interested in becoming a mortgage agent must have ample knowledge about the industry, the loan process and other details about mortgage. He/she must first complete high school education and then take real estate classes to prepare for the state licensing examination.  Different states have different educational or licensing requirements for a mortgage agent and you must first get details of it before applying for the job.

Mortgage agent career courses, training, and programs:

After completion of high school education, the candidate can take mortgage classes or real estate management programs at community colleges or universities. These courses help them to understand the industry, understand the loan and other financial processes and train them for the path which lies forward.  To gain licensure, one needs to sit for a licensing examination held at state or national level.

Mortgage agent career schools/colleges, education:

There are several colleges or community colleges which offer courses in real estate management or loan processes to help those who are interested in becoming mortgage agents.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Seneca College

California University

University of Pennsylvania

York University

Mortgage agent job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average annual salary of a person working as a mortgage agent is around $49941. The agents may also get commissions on the deals executed and thus their salary may vary depending upon the work profile and numbers of mortgages secured.

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