Motorboat Mechanic Career

Career Description

The role of a motorboat mechanic is crucial while using motorboats for tourism and transportation. The motorboat mechanic is specialized to deal with the working of the motorboat and resolves any issue that appears with the motorboat. This is a specialized job and needs the candidate to be familiar with the operations of a motorboat. The motorboat mechanic handles the repair and service of motorboats as a regular day-to-day activity.

How to become a Motorboat Mechanic:

To become a motorboat mechanic, candidates should take up specialized training courses in motorboat mechanics. Candidates who have otherwise done a mechanical engineering courses in their Bachelor’s degree are also eligible to apply for the post of a motorboat mechanic. Candidates should have good analytical skills and interpersonal skills.

Motorboat Mechanic career courses, training, programs:

Candidates can choose among innumerable options that provided specialized training in mechanics of handling and operating motorboats. The motorboat mechanic should be familiar with the entire necessary to-do list that is needed before running a motorboat.

Motorboat Mechanic career schools/colleges, education:

Many schools and colleges are present in the United States that can provide training in handling motorboats. The motorboat mechanic should also follow the necessary standards and safety procedures.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Lincoln Technical Institute

The University of Montana

Boise State University

Pearl River Community College

Southern Illinois University

Motorboat Mechanic job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Students who are interested to establish their career as a motorboat mechanic will find umpteen number of job openings and growth opportunities. Popular sectors that continuously recruit motorboat mechanics are motorboat companies, transportation companies etc. The salary estimates of Pay Scale and released via the National Salary data predict the annual compensation of a motorboat mechanic to be between $25,000 and $56,000 with the median salary being $41,000 per year approximately. Employers would expect candidates to possess a minimum relevant full time experience of about 2-3 years.

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