MRI Technician Career

Career description:

Candidates who want to become MRI technicians should develop their technical skills in medical support by improving their awareness of usage of tools and equipment for aiding medical tests and treatments. Candidates who want to apply for this position should coordinate and work under the direction of the doctors, medical technicians, etc. Candidates should improve their problem detection skills and problem solving aptitude.

How to become an MRI Technician:

Employers would normally expect candidates to complete their education in medical schools. At least a master degree in medical technical training is needed to become an MRI technician. Additional subjects that would help the candidates in carrying out the responsibilities as a MRI technician are radiology, nuclear medicine, etc.

MRI Technician career courses, training, programs:

There are various career courses and training institutes that teach courses in medicine technology, radiology, etc. Students can gain the necessary education by opting for such courses and improving their knowledge in medicine tools and technology.

MRI Technician career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates should learn medical techniques like scanning, magnetic imaging, handling MRI equipment, etc. They should be able to work with other health care technologists and technicians to coordinate and complete their work. Candidates are expected to have good interpersonal skills and dexterity in work.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Sanford Brown University

Colorado Technical University

Grand Canyon University

University of Phoenix

Kaplan University

MRI Technician career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The annual salary of an MRI technician lies in the range of $45,000 to $60,000 with the median salary being about $52,000 per year. Candidates can increase their earning capacity and job demand by improving their training and technical skills in magnetic resonance imaging. Many hospitals currently have the MRI technique installed in their medical centers. Hence this improves the job opportunities for MRI technicians in various medical health care centers.

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