Multimedia Specialist Career

Career Description

A multimedia specialist is the person who creates ICT based products. The design and function of those products include technical knowledge and creativity as well. Products could be computer games, entertainment; education related interactive material, software, games etc. These materials are a combination of text, image and sound features which are also based on various media and computer application tools. Therefore, multimedia specialist’s job is to combine different type of computer software and hardware technologies under one environment.

How to Become a Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia specialist career require many technical skills and a thorough knowledge of various graphic and image applications, video editing, production and management of products. Apart from technical skills, creative and innovative mind to bring different soft and hard tools in one programme according to client requirement is also necessary.

Multimedia Specialist Course, Training Programme

This job requires a high-level technical degree in software, ICT and computer technologies as well. At least, a graduate degree in above mentioned subjects is a basic necessity. Advance training programme in multimedia and masters degree in ICT that include various aspects of multimedia products would be excellent to get a good job in this field.

Multimedia Specialist School/College/University

In United State there are a number of reputed colleges and universities that are providing bachelor and master’s degree in ICT and computer technology. Many good institutes are also offering diploma and certificate programmes in multimedia specialist career. Interested people can join any one of them.

Top 5 School/College/University

1 Massachusetts Institutes of Technology

2. Stanford University

3. Carnegie Mellon University

4. University of California-Berkley

5. Cornell University

Multimedia Specialist Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salaries

As per the data of National salary trend survey of United States, the average salary of a multimedia specialist is around $65,000 per annum. Certainly, it could vary according to the experience in this field and promotions as senior multimedia specialist. The job opportunities are easily available in all small and major IT companies and in other media firms.

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