Municipal Court Clerk Career

Career Description:

Administrative operations, duties or responsibilities in a state or local court are done by a municipal court clerk. The municipal court clerk manages, files, keeps, and maintains court records and documents.  His responsibilities include handling and preparing dockets or case schedules; coordinating with lawyers and witnesses regarding case information; preparing legal documents and relevant information for the judge; handling payments, fees and fines; recording payment agreements or arrangements; and handling calls and inquiries.  Aside form these, the municipal court clerk is tasked to organize, maintain and issue licenses and other legal documents.  One must have good communication, organization, analytical and interpersonal skills.  He must also have a background with the use of computers and various computer applications.

How to become a Municipal Court Clerk

To become a municipal court clerk, one must have at least earned a high school diploma or GED.  Gain an associate or bachelors degree in public administration, business administration or other related field. The opportunity for advancement is bigger for an individual who had earned a degree.  Gain practical experience through internships or clerical jobs.  Get courses that will enhance one’s communication, math, and computer skills.  It is a must that an aspiring municipal court clerk obtains a license and certification to do the job.  These will help one increase his chances of landing a job.  Continuing courses is a requirement to maintain specific certifications.

Municipal Court Clerk Courses, training, programs

Public administration courses cover basic concepts and philosophies in public service, public administration theories, public policy, qualitative methods, research methods and analysis. statistics, government and political systems, and human relations management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Syracuse University, New York

University of Georgia, Georgia

Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana

Arizona State University, Arizona

University Southern California, California

Municipal Court Clerk Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The municipal court clerk is hired in government offices or court houses.  The average salary for this type of career is $36,000 per year depending on one’s employer, benefits, location and experience.  Advancement in a municipal court clerk career may be attained by pursuing advanced education, gaining skills and taking relevant courses.

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