Museum Curator Career

Museum curators are hired in order to manage the selling and buying of the museum belongings and maintaining and account for the same. The museum curator is made responsible for all such treasury operations belonging to the museum as any financial irregularity can cost the museum dearly.

The museum curators also perform the function of consulting with the trustees and directors of the museum and contacting the public regarding any communication from the museum and raise funds for events. Given below are the requirements in order to become a successful museum curator.

How to become a Museum Curator:

Candidates who are interested to become museum curators can take up courses like BA in History, Bachelor in Liberal Studies, Bachelor in Interdisciplinary studies, master of public administration – government and policy, BS in religion, BS in Liberal Studies, etc. Candidates are expected to have an experience of driving the financial exchanges of the museum pieces.

Museum Curator career courses, training, programs:

Candidates who would want to strengthen their candidature can pursue additional courses in liberal studies, arts, history and general studies in order to become a museum curator. Such courses are helpful to candidates as they give them an in-depth understanding of the functions as a museum curator.

Museum Curator career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates can choose among the many top colleges and universities as given below. These colleges are known for their top quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and excellent pedagogy.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Southern New Hampshire University

Arizona State University

Grand Canyon University

Colorado Technical University

Liberty University

Museum Curator job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There is no dearth of opportunities for candidates who would like to work as museum curators. Candidates would be able to find continuous job opportunities in sectors such as museums, educational colleges and universities, historic preservation centers, etc.

According to the salary projections made by Pay Scale after conducting extensive salary research in the United States, the annual compensation of a museum curator ranges between $20,000 and $69,000 per year. The median salary is about $48,000 per year.

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