Navy Seaman Career

A navy seaman career is one noble career.  Though it is one of the lowest ranks in the navy, a navy seaman is an integral part of the navy.  Gaining this position opens a lot of doors for advancement.  The navy seaman is responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment, security, operating telephone systems, food service, compartment cleanup, waste disposal, transfer of supplies and equipment.  He is also tasked to assist a senior or officer. A navy seaman must have a strong sense of duty and can work well with a team.  As one will be away from one’s family for long periods of time, one has to be emotionally prepared as well.

How to become a Navy Seaman

To be qualified as a navy seaman, one has to have background in specific areas and complete basic naval training.  He must know how to operate weapons, combat systems and radars. Knowledge in the use and care of a navy ship, navy regulations and safety rules is also a must.  The navy seaman has to have excellent communication, problem-solving and computer skills. An aspiring seaman must be a man of character.  He must be self-disciplined, a follower, has an eye for detail, can work under pressure, adaptable and is a team player.  Aside from that to become a navy seaman, one must be perfectly fit.  He must have good eyesight and a good sense of hearing.

Navy Seaman Courses, training, programs

The navy training program includes both classroom instruction and practical training.  One learns about naval customs, first aid, safety, firefighting, survival.  One learns the value of sacrifice, endurance, dedication, and teamwork.  A trainee is introduced to the core values and navy skills which they are to apply.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

United States Naval Academy, Maryland

The University of New Orleans-Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Louisiana

US Merchant Marine Academy, New York

Texas A&M-University of Galveston, Texas

United States Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut

Navy Seaman Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The navy seaman may earn $31,894 per year and has a chance to be deployed by the navy in other countries.

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