Network Administrator Career

The main focus of a network administrator is to oversee the functioning of computer networks and systems in an office. The computers are interconnected with one another and are administered by a server or a number of servers that the network administrator supervises. The task of configuring the various intricate technical details of the network is of prime importance and this is performed by the network administrator. Often the person works in a team or leads of team of subordinate network administrators whose members coordinate with each other to solve technical problems and maintain the systems.

How to become a network administrator:

In order to become a network administrator it is crucial to hold a bachelor’s degree in system engineering or computer science. The interested candidates need to earn it with decent grades from a reputed college.

Sometimes, few of the students also go for a master’s degree in the same field to further increase the scope of being recruited by a big company.

Courses, training, programs:

The courses for making one an efficient network administrator are sound enough to impart the person enough expertise. The training is rigorous in nature and teaches the concerned students to focus on a problem with a practical approach. The program modules are nicely designed to meet the professional demands.

Network administrator career education, schools/colleges:

The schools and colleges specializing in teaching the subjects related to this particular field have excellent facilities. The professors are helpful and cooperate with the students in solving the assignments and making them involved in various projects.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rochester University

Tufts University

Emory University

Network administrator job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The IT consulting companies and computer engineering organizations, in general, hire the network administrators. The public administrative departments also hire them. The starting salary varies from $40,000/annum to $55,000 inclusive of perks and benefits.

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