Network Engineering Manager Career

The main job function of a network engineering manager is to lead the operations of a team of engineering focused on the network technology components and the process of transitioning customers. The network engineering manager also provides management support to consulting engineers in order to achieve their day-to-day activities. They report to a group manager or a director of engineering or technology.

How to become a Network Engineering Manager:

Employers who conduct recruitment of network engineering managers enforce a mandatory requirement of at least a Bachelor of Science in Network engineering and a minimum of 9 years of experience in a related discipline or 6-8 years of supervisory experience. Candidates are expected to possess a combination of managerial and technical skills.

Network Engineering Manager Career courses, training, programs:

There are various courses in network engineering that can be beneficial to candidates who want to become a network engineering manager. Students should also learn and have knowledge of networking, UNIX and databases. Strong technical knowledge is always a plus and is considered valuable.

Network Engineering Manager Career schools/colleges, education:

The undergraduate school in which a concerned person studies help to a certain extent gaining the technical know-how. Further studies in the universities sharpen the skills of the future network engineering manager.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Jones International University

ITT Technical Institute

American Intercontinental University

Colorado Technical University

Herzing University

Network Engineering Manager Job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates can work as network engineering manager in multiple sectors, popular among them being engineering services, automotive supplier companies, aerospace and defense firms, manufacturing firms, etc. Employers would definitely prefer candidates who have a minimum of 1-4 years of relevant work experience. According to the estimates by Pay Scale, the salary of a network engineering manager may range from $61,000 to $166,000 per year depending upon the level of education and experience. The median salary could be about $113,000 per year.

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