Nuclear Engineer Career

A nuclear engineer is an expert on how nuclear energy can be used.  The tasks of a nuclear engineer includes designing nuclear energy systems and technology, providing solutions to various nuclear energy-related issues, creating new products and methods, design nuclear containment devices, and research on the use and production of nuclear energy.  He can design nuclear power materials and tools, components of nuclear weapons as well as medical instruments.  Pursuing a nuclear engineer career requires one to be creative, analytical and detail-oriented.  One must be able to work with a team as well.

How to become a Nuclear Engineer

To become a nuclear engineer, one has to earn a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear physics or any other related field. One may pursue graduate studies and earn a master’s degree. On-the-job training will also help the aspiring nuclear engineer in handling all the demands of the job.  One must continue to take courses or trainings to update his skills.  Obtain a license by passing the state licensing exam. Become a member of a professional association.  Being a member will help one in his professional development.

Nuclear EngineerCourses, training, programs

A degree in nuclear engineering provides the necessary background for this type of career.  The degree program covers areas like introduction to nuclear engineering, principles of nuclear engineering, materials science for nuclear engineering applications, nuclear reactor theory, nuclear detection and isotope technology laboratory, nuclear reactor analysis, nuclear reactor design, radiological safety, analytical and numerical methods, nuclear engineering systems and design, fusion engineering, fuel assembly, computer applications, technical communications issues, environmental nuclear engineering, and radiation protection engineering.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas

Pennsylvania State University-University Park, Pennsylvania

Nuclear EngineerJobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A nuclear engineer has the opportunity to earn from $51,450 to $129,077 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits. Employment may be found in various industries such as nuclear energy and allied, energy/utilities, military/armed forces, engineering consulting, and government contractor. 

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