Nuclear Equipment Technician Career

Career Description:

A Nuclear equipment technician takes care of the functioning of the systems in a nuclear reactor, nuclear power plant, and medical devices. Nuclear technology is being widely used for many purposes like generation of electricity, medical tests like X-ray and CAT Scan, etc. A Nuclear equipment technician is needed at each of these departments to ensure that the instruments are working in order, radiation level is adequate, etc.

How to become a Nuclear Equipment Technician:

To become a Nuclear Equipment technician, a candidate must necessarily complete graduation in nuclear engineering or related fields from an accredited institute with good marks. They also need to be good at mathematical and computing skills to monitor and manage the systems through computer and electronic devices. Candidates should also comply with all safety regulations to avoid any related injuries or accidents in the nuclear plant.

Nuclear Equipment Technician Career courses, training, programs:

There are numerous career courses for candidates who wish to become nuclear equipment technicians. These courses are designed to provide the education through various forms of pedagogy like class room teaching, laboratory testing, field work, projects, assignments, etc.

Nuclear Equipment Technician Career schools/colleges, education:

As can be seen below, there are various top level schools, colleges and institutes spread across the Unites States that provide world class education to students who wish to pursue nuclear engineering and be eligible for jobs related to it. Most of the colleges also have placement opportunities.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

North central University

Ashford University

Arkansas Tech University

University of North Texas

University of Florida

Nuclear Equipment Technician job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Candidates can find opportunities in nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants as nuclear equipment technicians. They earn hourly wages and the wage rate per hour is between $10.36 and $38.78. This is equivalent to an annual compensation of about $29,000 to $96,000 assuming an eight hour a day schedule.

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