Nurse Manager Career

Career Description:

The career of a nurse manager involves management of operations and finance.  The nurse manager sets the policies and guidelines for the staff to follow.  He is also in charge of recruitment, hiring and evaluating staff.  He makes sure that healthcare services and patient care provided by the facility comply with the standards. He is involved in planning, developing and implementing strategies based on the needs of the facility.  The nurse manager also handles finance, accounting and budgeting.  With all these at hand, the nurse manager is required to have formal education and an experience in patient care.  Skills such as communication, organization and leadership will help one succeed in this type of career.

How to become a Nurse Manager

The choice to become a nurse manager requires one to earn an associate or bachelors degree in nursing and become registered nurse.  One must secure a license and certification to become eligible in handling patients.  Starting off as a clinical nurse will help one gain the necessary experience required of a nurse manager.  Pursue a master’s degree in nursing, healthcare management or hospital administration. Get as much mentoring as one can from a supervisor.  Working your way up through the help of one’s supervisor will pose a great impact in your career.  There are observerships available at various local hospitals.  Observerships allow one to work with nurse managers who are already experienced in their field.  Various training programs are available to further equip one in this career path towards nurse management.

Nurse Manager Courses, training, programs

Graduate courses in nursing give one an advanced nursing background.  Courses include health management and economics, research management, healthcare ethics and policies, nutrition, and health promotion.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minnesota

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Alabama-Birmingham, Alabama

Nurse Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

While working in a hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility as a clinical nurse one can decide to step up and become a nurse manager.  A nurse manager earns an average of $74,000 annually.

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