Nursing Assistant Career

Career Description:

The nursing assistant works to support senior nurses.  One provides basic care for patients which include monitoring and observing a patient’s well being.  He is also in charge of reporting specific findings to the medical staff. Becoming a nurse assistant gives one the opportunity to further advance in his career to become a registered nurse.  This type of career demands one to have the heart for providing assistance or help.  He must be able communicate and work well with a team.  He must also be mature and patient.  The humble career of a nursing assistant provides a big difference in the administration of healthcare services.

How to become a Nursing Assistant

If one considers a career path as a nursing assistant, one may start by taking more science courses during high school.  This will help one gain understanding of certain medical terms one will encounter as a nurse assistant.   One can then pursue a nursing assistant program.  One must complete this course program especially designed for an aspiring nursing assistant.  He may then take pre-certification courses and become a certified nursing assistant.  Gaining such certification gives an employer an impression of your knowledge and skills. A nursing assistant gains much of his skills through after being employed.

Nursing Assistant Courses, training, programs

Nursing assistant courses or training programs include healthcare, basic nursing skills, biology, anatomy and other theories.  One also has a chance to join clinical activities.   This will help one gain practical skills needed for a nursing assistant career.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Washington, Washington

University of California, California

University of Pennsylvania

John Hopkins University, Maryland

University of Michigan, Michigan

Nursing Assistant Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A nursing assistant can secure an employment in various healthcare facilities or establishments.  Certification gives one a chance to earn more than those who do not have any.  A certified nursing assistant may earn from $19,577 to $26,415 per year.  Gaining much experience may open the opportunity for one to become an LPN or LVN.  This position becomes the next step for one to advance and become a registered nurse.

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