Nursing Career Training

Career Description:

The career path to nursing starts with the right and appropriate training.  There are specific training and degree programs available depending on what type of nurse one wants to become. The type of specialization dictates the type of training one should undergo. The licensed vocational nurse (LVN) or licensed practical (LPN) nurse goes through a shorter course program than that of a registered nurse (RN).  The LVN or LPN goes through formal training for one year.  The RN, on the other hand, gains a degree in two or four years.  Training or degree programs that are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission will ensure one of a nursing career.  A nurse aspiring for further advancement should do well in holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

How to become a Nurse

To become an LVN or LPN, one must undergo a 1-year training program from an accredited school.  After successfully finishing the program, one may then take the NCLEX-VN or NCLEX-PN examination.  If one passes the exam, he can then take a chance of getting an employment. If one aspires to become a registered nurse, one may take an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Taking and passing the NCLEX-RN examination gives one a license to practice as a registered nurse.  Advancement chances are bigger for a person who had earned a bachelor’s degree.

Nursing Career Courses, training, programs

A nursing degree gives one a chance to be equipped by gaining background in nursing history, theories, common diseases, common therapeutic medications, health assessment, legalities and ethics.  One gets a chance to have clinical activities through which skills are developed and honed.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Washington, Washington

University of California-San Francisco, California

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Nurse Career Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A career in nursing secures one a position in hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical centers and other healthcare establishments. Based on one’s specialization, experience, employer, and location, a nurse may earn from $43,410 to $92,240 per year. One may move up to become an advanced practice nurse.

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