Nutrition Assistant Career

A nutrition assistant is one who manages the nutritional requirements at their workplace under the guidance of a nutritionist. They may work in a hospital, food service establishment unit, restaurant and hotels. They manage the preparation of nutritional chart along with keeping the nutritional follow up of all the food products. They also train and coordinate with other people who are involved in cooking and preparing of the food products. They also try to educate people or patients about the nutritional aspects of food along with their benefits.

How To Become A Nutrition Assistant

Nutrition Assistants are the trained professionals in nutrition’s. The candidate must have a high school degree along with a graduate degree preferably in nutrition management or nutrition science.

Next step is to undertake a graduation program in nutrition science apart from obtaining certification in nutrition science subsequently.

Nutrition Assistant Career Courses, Training, Programs

To become a competent nutrition assistant one must study nutrition at graduation level. Training and certification on nutrition may also help the candidates to become proficient nutrition assistant. Candidates can also gain some hands-on experience during their education or internship programs by undertaking various courses are also available that may help the candidate to become a nutrition expert in a specific field.

Acquiring a Master’s degree or PhD in Nutrition science could be an added advantage.

Nutrition Assistant Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The departments of top universities teaching nutrition management help the students gain a clear understanding on the nutritional topics. Colleges also offer the understanding on connected subjects like chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology and physics that may help in nutrition as a subject.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Hunter College of City University, New York

University of North Carolina

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Boston University

Nutrition Assistant Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The nutrition assistants can expect an average salary of $30,820 per annum. With an increase in experience candidates may expect an increase in their salary package.

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