Nutrition Psychology Career

Nutrition psychology career is one which revolves around assessing the dietary habits of the clients after the discussion to propose a balanced and appropriate diet program. The candidate makes use of the psychological aspect of food to help people get rid of the unhealthy eating patterns. Besides the candidate also has to track the progress of the patients to suggest the ways of improvement. Nutrition psychologist do lot of follow up and meetings with their clients to help them in a better way. Bad diet and unhealthy eating habits could also lead to depression and psychological issues that are managed by nutrition psychologists by helping people to develop good eating habits.

How To Become A Nutrition Psychology Professional

A Nutrition Psychology candidate should be a high school diploma holder with good grades. After this the candidate should acquire a graduation in any of the related fields such as nutrition science, psychology etc.

Nutrition Psychology Career Courses, Training, Programs

To become a conversant and expert nutrition psychologist one must study nutrition at graduation level compulsorily. This profession demands education in both psychology and nutrition. Some specific certifications or diplomas could also prove beneficial. Those candidates who acquire a master’s degree in nutrition psychology can expect to enhance their employment opportunities.

Obtaining a PhD in clinical psychology with specialization as nutrition is necessary to practice independently.

Nutrition Psychology Career Schools/Colleges, Education

All the universities teaching nutrition or psychology as a subject give the candidate enough support to become motivator and skilled support provider. Internship and practical training sessions within college help the candidate in grasping the various aspects of nutrition psychology.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Drexel University, Philadelphia

University of Michigan

University of Texas, Austin

University of Washington

Nutrition Psychology Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Any nutrition psychologist can demand an average salary of $52,920 per annum. This is a highly specialised field that offers lots of opportunities to people who become nutritional psychologists.

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