Nutrition Therapist Career

A nutrition therapist is one who is responsible for helping individuals to improve their general health and well being with the help of nutrition and a well balanced diet. The candidate prepares the diet chart and helps in implementing that plan. Nutritional therapist mostly work in the hospitals wherein they make use of their specialised knowledge in training and motivating people for adopting healthy eating habits along with good lifestyle patterns. They assess patients according to their medical conditions and offer a diet plan that may fulfil all their requirement of essential vitamin, minerals and other nutritional elements.

How To Become A Nutrition Therapist

The candidate should have completed high school diploma with science as main subjects. Nutrition Therapists become trained professionals by acquiring graduation in nutrition.

The candidate can even do various courses and certifications in nutrition that helps in becoming proficient in the field and also preferred by many employers.

Nutrition Therapist Career Courses, Training, Programs

To become a knowledgeable and skilled nutrition therapist one must study nutrition at graduation level. Training and certification on nutrition may also help the candidates to become talented nutrition therapist. The candidate should choose programs that teach subjects such as anatomy, nutrition, physiology and food preparations as part of the course curriculum.

Candidates obtaining a post graduate degree or PhD in Nutrition science could be an added advantage.

Nutrition Therapist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

All the universities teaching nutrition as a subject try to train the candidate so that they can become efficient nutrition therapist or diet counsellors. Students are also required to undertake supervised internship for attaining practical experience in nutrition science.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Walden University

Kaplan University

Grand Canyon University

Keiser University

Nutrition Therapist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Nutrition therapists can look forward to get an average salary of $42,820 per annum. The salary may vary depending upon the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

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