Oil Careers

Oil careers

Oil industryincludes “exploration, extraction refining, transporting and marketing” of petroleum products.  In today’s energy-driven world, Oil is one of the most sought after reserves in the world and consequently,oil careersare in great demand by all age groups.  The industry offers various types of careers depending on the aptitude, qualifications and experience.

Oil industry products touch our day to day lives more than we ever care to acknowledge.  The cars we drive, the heating systems at our homes and offices, the factories that produce the innumerable products we depend on, all these are powered by the oil industry.

Oil industry offers careers in different fields, as it is broadly divided by theAmerican Petroleum Instituteinto five sectors.  These are termed asupstream, downstream, pipeline, marineand lastly,service and supply.  You canbecome a part of the oil industryby choosing any of these sectors and any type of job.

There are manytypes of oil careersavailable for the right candidates.  Petroleum engineers, environmental engineers, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, drill operators, managers are just some of the types of job openings available here.

Work life balancein the oil industry depends largely on the nature of your career.  If you choose to be an engineer or manager, you may shuttle between the office and on-site location. If you choose an administrative job or a research and development portfolio, your working conditions would be like any such similar job-settings in other industries.

Whereas,  if you chosen a career which requires you to be on-site,  then you are most likely to follow a shift-system, because theoil rigsoperate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.    As most oil rigs are located in far flung places, you may be required to be away from home for extended periods of time.

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    Energy jobs will be around for a long time still. As population grows so will the demand for oil, gas and renewable energy.

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