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Job Opportunities

With oil industry relying more heavily on machines by the day, there may be a slight drop in the employment opportunities for some types of jobs.  However, studies show that the number of job openings are predicted to be “very good” as compared to other industries.

Candidates with specializations as well as good technical skills and know-how have better career prospects.

Texas, Oklahoma, California and Louisiana are some of the most important locations as far as job openings in the oil industry go.  The reason being, that these places have a number of oil and gas extraction facilities.

Overseas recruitment opportunities are also quite a few as many US companies have their mining and drilling operations all over the world.

Oil industry relies heavily on experienced workers, and most promotions here, especially for on-the-site jobs are based on this crucial criterion.  Most companies also give preference to candidates who have had experience in onshore oil rigs before they are given an opportunity to work on offshore rigs.

Salaries vary greatly depending on the type of job, but studies have shown that the average pay is generally higher as compared to the other industries.

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