Oil Refinery Career

An oil refinery is where crude oil is turned into a usable material. Crude oil undergoes a complex process of refining to become petroleum.  A career in oil refinery opens a lot of doors for people with various degrees, background and experience.  There is technical, management, administrative and other positions available.  Those who plan, research, implement and evaluate production are the engineers.  Journeymen or tradesmen do the most physically strenuous jobs.  They do gauging, pipefitting, wielding, and ironworking.  Apprentices are newly hired employees with little or no experience.  Their skills are honed through the training provided by the employer.  The foremen are tasked to lead, organize and maintain schedules and projects.  They are to train apprentices and supervise the staff. He is tasked to handle purchases and acquisition of needed equipment and materials.

How to become an Oil Refinery Worker

The position requiring a specific degree is that of an engineer.  One may earn a degree in the various fields of engineering.  One may take petroleum, chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, industrial and other related fields. An individual may also pursue post graduate studies and specialize.  Other positions are filled-up through an apprenticeship program. Employers usually look for job experience and skills.  Internal promotions help an individual land a position as a foreman. Certain positions also require one to take special training programs to earn certifications.

Oil Refinery Courses, training, programs

Courses that are related to oil refinery enable one to have the necessary knowledge and skills needed for a career in oil refinery.  Training programs allows an aspiring oil refinery worker to apply in an entry-level position.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Colorado School of Mines, Colorado

Louisiana State University, Louisiana

Marietta College, Ohio

Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri

Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Montana

Oil Refinery Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Oil refinery jobs are compensated from $62,889 to $127,938 per year.  Salaries depend on the position, employer, education, skills and experience.  One can find employment in various oil refineries.  One may work locally or internationally.  An oil refinery career is challenging but it is financially rewarding as well.

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