Oil Reservoir Engineer Career

An oil reservoir engineer does a very important part in the oil and gas industry. He is responsible for the location of fuel in underground reservoirs.  He is also tasked to determine how much fuel is found in a specific location.  An oil reservoir engineer use special computer programs in locating oil and natural gas reserves.  He also makes the necessary adjustments in the drilling operations and processes as changes happen to a reservoir’s structure.  Another responsibility of an oil reservoir engineer is to make sure that there is a right amount of fuel reserve and that it is viable.  Knowing that a certain reservoir has enough oil reserve will help in making investment or financial decisions for the company.  This will also determine how much profit a company will reap.  The oil reservoir engineer must know how to analytically think and solve issues and problems as they arise.

How to become an Oil Reservoir Engineer

Becoming an oil reservoir engineer requires one to earn a bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering. One may choose chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or petroleum engineering.  Pursuing higher studies and obtaining a post-graduate degree will help one get better employment opportunities.  One must also obtain a license through passing a state licensing exam.  An individual aspiring for this type of career needs to be computer literate, can communicate well and able to work well with a team.

Oil Reservoir Engineer Courses, training, programs

The courses that an aspiring oil reservoir engineer must take include geology, drilling and fluid mechanics, economics, reservoirs and reservoir rocks.  A student becomes well-versed with computer technologies used in drilling and well completion projects. One is trained how to solve problems through various practical training programs.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Texas-Austin, Texas

Stanford University, California

Texas A&M University College Station, Texas

University of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Colorado School of Mines, Colorado

Oil Reservoir Engineer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An oil reservoir engineer may seek employment in the different oil companies that are locally or internationally located.  One may enjoy earning from $98,027 to $145,859 per year.

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