Oil Rig Manager Career

An oil rig manager heads and supervises the oil rig and drilling operations.  The rig manager is responsible for his crew and the equipments used for rig activities. He must make sure that the whole operation within the rig runs efficiently and smoothly.  He is also tasked to solve whatever problems may arise.  One is to plan, organize, manage and makes sure everyone follows safety practices.  An oil rig manager must have strong leadership skills, can coordinate tasks effectively and should be able to communicate well.

How to become an Oil Rig Manager

Starting a career in an oil rig requires one to have a high school diploma. Those aspiring for highly skilled positions may take an associate or bachelors degree. Pursuing a master’s degree is also possible.  One has to work his way up to become an oil rig manager.  First, he must apply for an entry-level position and gain as much experience as he can.  Earning enough years of experience and skills will help one climb up the ladder.  If one applies as a drilling assistant, he can take a step forward and take on the responsibility of a drilling operator.  Then one can push some more and become an oil rig manager.  The training programs provided by the employer give one a chance to learn and acquire the necessary skills needed for the job. It is also a must that one aspiring for this career position gets a certification.

Oil Rig Manager Courses, training, programs

Degrees that provide a background in oil and gas management gives one a view of the business side of the oil and gas industry. One will be able to study the laws surrounding such operation, management, leadership, communication, environmental issues, and economics. Through the training programs, one learns the day-to-day activities, rig operations, methods and strategies.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Texas Tech University, Texas

Texas A&M University, Texas

Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania

Northcentral University, Arizona

Ashford University, Iowa

Oil Rig Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Oil rig managers are employed in offshore rigs.  They are able to earn from $75,000 to $100,000 annually.

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