Oil Rig Owners Career

Oil rig owners provide countless jobs for all sorts of people.  Oil rig jobs include that of drill crew, deck crew, and catering crew.  Some workers employed may have no experience or formal education, while others are required by the oil rig owners to have engineering backgrounds. Oil rig owners, together with the management team, plans, develop and implements operation procedures and policies.  They make sure that all each delegated manager or supervisor executes guidelines and procedures efficiently.  Oil rig owners are to oversee budgeting as well. They make sure that all licenses are updated.

How to become an Oil Rig Owner

Owning an oil rig requires one to know the ins and outs of oil rig operations.  It is a must that one earns a degree in engineering.  A petroleum engineering degree will help one in pursuing this type of career or business.  Gain relevant experience in drilling and oil rig operations.  Running a business requires one to have business skills as well.  One must have a background in business operations, accounting, finance, business law, and ethics.  A skill in communication, leadership, management and administration is a must.  Obtain a license to operate as an oil rig owner.

Oil Rig Owners Courses, training, programs

Pursuing a petroleum engineering degree allows oil rig owners to ready themselves for the challenges of such a career.  The program includes courses such as petroleum industry background, business practices, petro physics, reservoir engineering, geology and geophysics, well drilling operations and equipment, design project, oil and gas recovery, well technology, natural gas engineering, and drilling fluids and cementing.  Through the program, they have the opportunity to experience the operations in an actual oil or gas field.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas

University of Texas-Austin, Texas

Stanford University, California

Colorado School of Mines, Colorado

University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Oil Rig Owners Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Oil rig owners may earn millions of dollars.  The base salary and bonuses are dependent on the conditions of oil rig operations and situation.  Problems like oil spills affect the financial status of the business

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