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There is a lot going for people who wish to opt for an online advertising career. This not only creates a lot of exposure, it also ensures that both marketing skills as well creative satisfaction are taken into account. An online advertising career can be quite lucrative though it usually gets off to a slow start. This requires a combination of both formal and practical experience and internships are highly valued in this field. The payment is quite good as well.

How to become an online advertiser:

A person who wish to become online advertising professional needs to channel his education and training in this field adequately. By acquiring degrees [Bachelor’s mainly] in related subjects like Information Technology, Computer Science and Computer Applications, the individual shall set himself to participate in the race for posts..

Online advertising career courses, training, programs:

The training program for an online advertising agent is quite rigorous and comprehensive. This usually includes modules like web conferencing, computer software and networking. Time management, project report writing and accounting as well as marketing are also sub-modules within the training program for an online advertising professional

Online advertising career schools/colleges, education:

Any reputed course on communications will always include internet marketing or online marketing as a topic. In fact, in most colleges offering training or post graduate degrees in the field of communication and journalism, online communication forms a separate course in itself and online advertising is included within that.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Penn State University

New York University

Academy of Art University

Michigan State University

Online advertising job opportunities, salaries/pay:

An online advertising job pays an attractive salary of around 40,000 USD per annum. This is inclusive of perks like housing rent allowance. However, this figure is merely an approximation since a number of factors determine the actual payment rate.

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