Operations Management Career

Operations management covers the management of a specific department or the whole organization.  The person to oversee the organization’s day to day operations is the operations manager.  He is responsible for leading a team to do specific tasks.  Policy formulation and implementation is a major part of his job.  One must be able to lead, plan, think critically and analytically, and solve problems.  The success of an operations manager depends on how well he motivates and trains his team. It is a must that an operations manager has excellent communication and people skills.  The possibility of being financially rewarded in this career depends on how much one puts on his job.

How to become an Operations Manager

Together with much experience and mentoring, one must earn a masters degree or MBA in operations management. Formal education will equip one with the necessary principles and strategies needed for a career in operations management.  Experience and hands-on training, on the other hand, will help one gain the necessary skills for the job.  Getting noticed by employers entails one to show how much he can lead his team to achieve the organization’s goals.  Allowing oneself to learn more will give one a better chance to advance and be rewarded.

Operations Management Courses, training, programs

Aside from learning operations management, one will take on advance programs in human resources, finance, marketing management, production, manufacturing, information systems and technology.  There are also courses on how to strategize and plan, manage a project, design and improve operations.  One is also trained how to work with a team.  One must make sure that program curriculum includes all the necessary coursework he needs.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Northwestern University, Illinois

Purdue University, Indiana

Operations Management Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An operations manager may work in private companies, public or non-profit organizations.  Being a person who oversees the whole operation of a business, he is entitled to earn from $42,233 to $85,012 per year.  The salary depends on what type of industry an individual works in.

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