Orthodontist Assistant Career

Career Description:

An orthodontist assistant or a dental assistant is an integral part of the dental team. He works closely with dentists and prepares the instruments needed to treat patients, handles patient charts and helps them feel relaxed and comfortable. They need to earn a diploma/degree through dental assistant programs and pass all the certification exams required by the state. This job requires minimum training and one has to do most of the work in a medical atmosphere while interacting with patients and dentists in a dental office. Orthodontist assistant jobs are becoming increasingly popular as the assistants free up the dentists to perform more involved tasks such as performing surgeries, drilling cavities, etc.

How to become an Orthodontist Assistant:

Since orthodontist assistants have on-the-job training, this career doesn’t require too much schooling. Certification programs for dental assistant jobs and training for the same are offered by some community colleges and it is preferable to enroll oneself in some such course as it gives the person exposure and experience prior to entering service. This program is usually a one year course and on completion, a certification or diploma is award. Some opt to go for a two-year associate degree in the field. Depending on which state the person is from, one may need to fulfill state licensure requirements as well as completing continuing-education credits for yearly recertification.

Orthodontist Assistant career courses, training, programs:

Dental assistance programs involve studying in classroom, practical work in laboratory and receiving hands on experience in dental clinics and offices. The aspirant gets to learn dental terminology, clerical work skills such as record keeping and patient care. One can also work as a receptionist in a dental office to gain additional experience. After completing the program, one is required to pass the certification exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board. In over thirty states, it is necessary to take this test although all states do not require orthodontist assistants to be certified. However certification always helps one in standing and recognition at the workplace.

Orthodontist Assistant career schools/colleges, education:

Quite a number of schools and colleges are spread all over the US that offers 12-month courses in dental assistance. However it is necessary to opt for the right institution after thorough research as not all schools are state of the art as far as this field is concerned.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Colorado School of Dental Assisting

University of Alaska Anchorage

James H. Faulkner State Community College

Lawson State Community College – Bessemer campus

Orthodontist Assistant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Orthodontist assistants are often paid on an hour-to-hour basis. Salary increases as they gain more experience in the field. Hourly wages vary between $11.28 and $16.44 according to a 2011 survey. Annual salary can be up to $28,000 but of course that figure can vary depending on employer and experience. 

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