Packaging Sales Manager Career

The packaging sales manager career revolves around selling and marketing of packaging materials or items.  The packaging sales manager leads, supervises and manages a team of sales representatives to ensure that products and services are moving in the market.  It is his responsibility to hire, train and evaluate sales staff.  He is also tasked to plan, develop and implement sales and marketing strategies to reach sales targets. It is his goal to make the product or item appealing to the public and in turn close a sale. The packaging sales manager handles client queries, collaborates with vendors, accomplishes reports and does administrative duties. This career position requires certain skills such as communication, customer service, organization and management.

How to become a Packaging Sales Manager

To become a packaging sales manager, one has to earn a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or other business-related degree.  One may pursue higher studies and earn a master’s degree in business administration or business management.  Gain relevant experience in sales and marketing. Handling a managerial position requires one to have a certain degree of supervisory and management experience as well.  It is a must that an aspiring packaging sales manager has an exceptional selling ability.

Packaging Sales Manager Courses, training, programs

A business administration degree will allow an aspiring packaging sales manager gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the job. The program includes various business principles and strategies.  The courses covered in the program include business terms, business administration, accounting, finance, economics, business law and ethics, management, marketing, business tools and techniques, and business solutions.  Internships offered will allow the student gain practical experience.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Pennsylvania

Northwestern University (Kellogg), Illinois

Packaging Sales Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of a packaging sales manager is $74,000 per year. One’s salary is dependent on the location of work, type of employer, years of experience and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various industries or companies involved in selling or marketing packaging items.

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