Paleontologist Career

Career Description:

Paleontology is about the study of life on earth. This is done by studying the ancient fossils and connecting them with various historical facts to make a sequence of events that led to the evolution of man and animals. This is one of the most unique and difficult disciplines of science and is pursued by Paleontologists. Since studying ancient remains without having much literary content on the same is not easy, one should have a strong knack to get into this field.

How to become a Paleontologist:

To become a Paleontologist, one should take up sciences in their Bachelor’s degree. Knowledge in mathematics would also help. One should then pursue specialization in Paleontology. Visiting museums and ancient historical sites will give the aspiring candidate more exposure into the concepts. Employers look for good grades in academics to employ them as paleontologists. Post graduates and PhDs are preferable.

Paleontologist Career courses, training, programs:

Many career courses related to this field are available. Candidates can take up studies like geology, mathematics, biology, ecology etc through schools or training institutes. One should also be equipped with statistical and computers skills to analyze the ancient remains.

Paleontologist Career schools/colleges, education:

Some schools and universities in US provide specialized courses in Paleontology. Interested candidates can also join a group of like minded Paleontology enthusiasts, volunteer for fossil findings, visit museums, etc.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Yale University

University of Chicago

University of California

Harvard University

University of Michigan

Paleontologist job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Candidates who have pursued Paleontology can find opportunities in academic sector, geological divisions, or work as field Paleontologists. The compensation varies depending on the opportunities and location. Any Paleontologist with enough experience and adequate education can earn salaries about $80,000 per year even in the initial part of their careers. After five years of experience, candidates’ salaries can touch $111,000 per year. And after ten years, their salaries could be as high as $192,000.

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