Palynologist Career

Career Description:

A Palynologist is the one who studies the fossil remains of plants like pollen grains, sediments of plants in rocks, spores, etc. This is a branch of plant science or botany. Palynologists collect micro particles of remains of plants and study them. Various career options are available in the field of Palynology. This is a very specialized field that needs candidates to be aware of soil, chemical composition of plants, impact of fertilizers and insecticides on plants, hybrid varieties of plants, etc.

How to become a Palynologist:

To become a Palynologist, candidates should take up studies in plant sciences in their Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter the candidates can get specialized in related fields like horticulture, microbiology, soil science, etc. A couple of years of work experience will do good to make the candidate eligible for a higher level position as a palynologist.

Palynologist Career courses, training, programs:

There are various training programs that provide quality education in plant science, soil science, environmental science, horticulture, etc. They nurture the necessary skills in a candidate who wants to become a successful palynologist.

Palynologist Career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges, and universities as listed below provide the courses in the field of palynology. They equip students with superior theoretical and practical training to help them in effective use of the concepts on field and improvement of plants in the future.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Iowa State University

Texas Tech University

California State Polytechnic University

University of Phoenix

Ashford University

Palynologist job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

The field of palynology is fast growing to be one of the dominant fields in the area of plant science. Through the study of plant fossil remains, better quality plants can be developed in the future. The National Salary Data shows that the annual compensation of a palynologist ranges from $29,000 to $92,000. This is a result of extensive research conducted by PayScale across US.

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    Myself Msc(specialization in palynolgy), searching for jobs.

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