Paralegal Career

A paralegal has the task of doing researches, materials preparation for hearings and trials and report accomplishments.  As the assistant of a lawyer he has to do some tasks of the lawyer.  This is one career where one is able to enjoy the ins and outs of law without becoming a lawyer.  Though a paralegal needs no formal education there are various training programs available to equip with the day to day task of a paralegal.  If there is an interest in doing office work such as typing, organizing, and filing one may just be the next paralegal.

How to become a Paralegal

Aspiring paralegals can get a paralegal program certificate, an associate or bachelor’s degree.  Make sure that the paralegal program is also approved by the ABA (American Bar Association).  One must also be able to decide where he will eventually practice as a paralegal. This will help one determine the specialization he is to take.  The aspiring paralegal must also be computer literate.  The skill will help one with all the researches and reports he has to accomplish.  One also has to get certification.  Certified paralegals have better opportunities for career advancement.

Paralegal Courses, training, programs

A paralegal student is trained in legal research and computer applications.  There are also internships available for the students to have a hands-on experience.  One can get his internship in a private law firm, legal organizations and government agencies.  Specialized programs in areas such as corporate, real estate, copyright and patent, are available.  The choice of specialization should be based of the type of office or firm one wants to work in.  Employers usually are the ones who train their assistants but getting formal training can make a difference.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Keiser University

Virginia College

South University Online

Kaplan University

Everest University Online

Paralegal Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A successful graduate of a paralegal program can find work in law firms or government agencies.  One may also start his own business.   He may find himself doing freelance jobs as a paralegal. A paralegal may earn from $26,976 to $64,357 annually.   Being a paralegal gives one a promising career.

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