Parts Counter Clerk Career

The parts counter clerk career revolves in selling spare and replacement parts or equipments.  One has the responsibility of receiving orders for parts, handling customer queries, handling purchases and replacement of defective parts, taking inventories, receiving payments, preparing sales slips and contracts, storing and organizing stocks, demonstrating use of equipment or parts, displaying new merchandise, repairing parts or equipment.  To become a successful parts counter clerk, one must gain skills in sales and marketing, administration and management and customer service.  Knowledge of computers, electronics, machines and tools is a must in this type of career.

How to become a Parts Counter Clerk

To become a parts counter clerk, one has to have at least a high school diploma or GED.  Pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in retailing, merchandise management or other business related field.  Specialize and gain familiarity in the parts and operation of various equipmentssuch as automotive, aircraft, or marine. Gain relevant experience in industrial warehouse, parts department, service department, or stock department operation.  Having experience in heavy equipment dealership and retailing is also needed to have a chance of getting good employment. One should have skills in communication, problem solving and computer applications.

Parts Counter Clerk Courses, training, programs

Adegree in retailing or retail management gives one an edge in pursuing a parts counter clerk career.  An associate degree program in retail management gives one a background in creative and innovation studies, communication, business management, computer, research, retailing, business law, economics, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, business planning, promotion and branding, marketing, merchandising, and human resource management.  The program provides internships for the student to gain practical experience. 

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Syracuse University, New York

University of South Carolina-Columbia, South Carolina

Michigan State University, Michigan

University of Washington-Seattle Campus, Washington

Florida International University, Florida

Parts Counter Clerk Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A parts counter clerk has the opportunity to earn an average of $23,000 per year.  Salaries vary depending on the location, company, experience and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various industries,industrial companies or retail shops involved in marketing parts or equipments. 

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