Payroll Analyst Career

A payroll analyst is an employee of a company who is employed to ensure that all the activities at the work place are being done according to the fiscal derivatives and regulations and rules are being followed in a disciplined manner. A payroll analyst is also responsible for ensuring the salary structure is unbiased and distributed correctly and that employees are getting their salaries on time. A payroll analyst works under the payroll tax manager and must hold a four year graduate degree in a finance related field or subject.

How to become a payroll analyst:

In order to become a payroll analyst, the first step is to complete high school education from a recognized school and with focus on subjects like accountancy and business administration. Bachelor’s degree in a finance related subject like accountancy taxation, finance, auditing etc is the right path for those who wish to become payroll analysts. A license of Certified Public accountant (CPA) is also required by certain organisations from employees who are employed at the position of payroll analyst.

Payroll analyst career courses, training, programs:

Apart from the compulsory educational requirements, a payroll analyst may also need to take up certain short term courses in taxation, finance or auditing to be able to perform duties of a payroll analyst in a company. Training under a payroll tax manager may also prove to be useful for the experience that is necessary to handle the responsibilities of this job.

Payroll analyst career schools/colleges, education:

The graduate and post graduate schools provide the knowledge, education and skills required to be a payroll analyst whereas the training etc may help the candidate to get the exposure and the experience required for this job position in a large company.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of California

New York University

Los Angeles Valley College

Santa Monica College

Payroll analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary of a payroll analyst is around $65000.

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