Perioperative Nurse Career

Whenever there are perioperative care and preparation needed before and after undertaking an operation, perioperative nurses are employed in such situations. The perioperative nurses help to arrange the surgical instruments, ensure patient care, helping patients with preoperative arrangements, etc. The perioperative nurses also help to bandage patients in their surgical locations, and help them recuperate. The following are the educational requirements and career options specially intended for students who would like to pursue the perioperative nurse career.

How to become a Perioperative Nurse:

Candidates who would like to become perioperative nurses should concentrate on taking up those studies which involve patient care, handling instruments and monitoring the patient for his or her recovery, etc. Courses specially focused upon gaining knowledge in PACU nursing would greatly help.

Perioperative Nurse career courses, training, programs:

A perioperative nurse should also gain related courses in medicine that can be useful to give the candidate a firsthand knowledge on medicine, drugs or treatments done for ailments, perioperative nursing for patients, etc.

Perioperative Nurse career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates should choose among the following colleges and universities that are known to provide good education in perioperative nursing and care. Candidates should also possess the ability to deal with problems in a sensible and effective manner.

Top colleges/universities:

  • Keiser University
  • Everst College
  • University of South California
  • University of Phoenix
  • Walden University

Perioperative Nurse job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who would love to be employed in the position of a perioperative nurse can find many opportunities in sectors like health care, hospitals, outpatient surgery wards, general surgery departments, acute care hospitals, etc. Candidates are advised to possess at least 5-9 years of relevant full time work experience. Candidates who work as perioperative nurses are paid an hourly rate of $21 to $39 and this translates to an annual compensation of $44,000 to $89,000 per year. These salary estimates are from the Pay Scale website.

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