Personal Assistant Career

The career of a personal assistant is one dynamic and exciting job.  A personal assistant does various tasks based on the needs of his employer.  The responsibilities involve time and schedule management, arrangement of meetings, assist in daily tasks and manage communication.  He is also tasked in writing letters, coming up with speeches, accomplishing reports and sending out reminders.  Having a personal assistant who is able to establish relationships and network with different types of people is an asset for their employer.  All these responsibilities are accomplished through a personal assistant’s skills.  A personal assistant must have excellent computer, communication and problem solving skills.  Aside from these, he must be organized and can manage time effectively.

How to become a Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant doesn’t necessarily require one to have a specific degree.  One aspiring for this career can take training courses especially for personal assistants.  A personal assistant has to have special skills and abilities to become successful.  It is very important that a personal assistant uses his skills to plan, manage time and work with other people.  A personal assistant who uses a second language is a favorable qualification.  This type of career requires one to travel a lot so there is no definite working time.  To become successful one must join organizations or associations, get to know people and acquire skills.

Personal Assistant Courses, training, programs

The training courses or programs offered for personal assistants or those aspiring to be one cover various areas.  One is given a background in the role of a personal assistant, business tools, networking strategies, working with employers, identifying and understanding needs, and project management.  There are also topics that deal with negotiation techniques, creative thinking, and problem solving strategies.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Palomar College, California

Missouri State University, Missouri

Central Michigan University, Michigan

Imperial Valley College, California

Community Colleges of Spokane, Washington

Personal Assistant Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A personal assistant can be employed by executives, politicians, attorneys, ministers, celebrities, and millionaires.  The salary of a personal assistant ranges from $24,378 to $63,125 per year depending on years of experience.

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