Personal Trainer Career

Career Description:

The career of a personal trainer revolves around providing personal health training to individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle. The personal trainer takes on various duties to ensure that his clients receive the necessary support and assistance.  His responsibilities cover management of schedules, keeping records, and tracking a client’s improvement.  He is involved in planning, developing and implementing fitness programs that is client-specific.  The personal trainer not only monitors the methods of exercise used but he also makes sure that his clients are eating right.  This type of career requires one to provide sound advice to each of his clients, making sure that all targets are met. The personal trainer needs to be armed with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, since one will deal with different types of people.

How to become a Personal Trainer

The aspiring personal trainer must have a heart for physical education.  Being exposed to the various areas of physical education will allow one to be considered in this type of career.  One may go through a degree in fitness training or health and fitness management.  Obtain a certification through various fitness or sports associations.  Being certified and having formal education increases one’s chance of being considered as a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Courses, training, programs

Fitness training or health and fitness management degreed covers various courses.  Some of the courses taken are  finance, accounting, information systems, business ethics, marketing, healthcare systems, healthcare management, business administration, economics, kinesiology, fitness and medical terms, anatomy, office management, employee management and customer service.  Practical skills are developed through internships.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

National Personal Training Institute (multiple locations across America)

CNI College, California

The Fitness Instruction & Training Academy, California

Pinnacle Career Institute (online learning, Las Vegas, Kansas, Missouri)

American Academy of Personal Training, New York

Personal Trainer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The salary of a personal trainer ranges from $26,101 to $75,765 per year.  The salary depends on one’s employer, work location, and experience.  Employment may be found in gyms or other health and wellness centers.  One may go into private practice and own his own business.

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