Pest and Weed Controller Career

Career description:

A pest and weed controller has the tasks of controlling the growth of pests and weeds in agricultural farms and gardens. He/she has to assess the situations in which the plants and the crops get destroyed. The major factor for the wastage of crops plants and flowers are weeds and pests. The pests eat away and directly destroy the plants. The weeds compete with the plants for nutrients. The pest and weed controller also has to take the necessary steps to prevent the re-occurrence of the pests and weeds.

How to become a pest and weed controller:

The person who has got keen interest to become a pest and weed controller has to clearly define his/her career path. A basic knowledge of biology is very essential.

A bachelor’s degree in agricultural science is almost compulsory to better have prospects in the field. Doing a master’s in agricultural science with specialization in pest and weed management would be of great benefit.

Pest and weed controller career courses, training, programs:

There are several institutes where one can enroll and obtain advance training in pest and weed management courses. Few of the institutes also include modules that center on the finer practical applications of pest and weed management.

The programs in the top tier educational bodies are extremely extensive and provide huge impetus for a wholesome career in the field.

Pest and weed controller career schools/colleges, education:

The schools and community colleges in the US provide ample scope for a person to become an efficient pest and weed controller. They have up to date curricula and good infrastructure to impart modern technical know-how in this particular field.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Iowa State University

Maryland University

Virginia Polytechnic University

Kent State University

Pest and weed controller job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The scope of the field in gradually increasing and the salary levels are on a rise, albeit at a slow pace. A trainee pest and weed controller can expect around $25,000/annum if he/she works for the government at local level.

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