Petroleum Engineer Career

Career Description:

Petroleum engineers are those engineers or engineering experts who are required to design and develop those equipments and machinery units which are designed to extract oil from deep down the ground. The oil extracted by these equipments is used for generating power and some other purposes. A petroleum engineer works closely with geologists and tries to develop those drilling machines which can extract the maximum amount of petroleum.

How to Become a Petroleum Engineer:

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Engineering is required for an entry level position in an oil and gas company but there are some companies which might ask for a master’s degree in the same field. There are some colleges which offer 5 year petroleum engineering programs and graduating from such programs can help in improving the long term opportunities in this field.

Petroleum Engineer Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Apart from the 4 or 5 year petroleum engineering degree, there are many courses which a person can take up to equip himself with the knowledge required for this field. Even mechanical engineering is a useful degree. If the candidate is about to serve the public, then he/she might be required to have a license in addition to the degree.

Petroleum Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

Many reputed and well known colleges and universities offer petroleum engineering degrees or other engineering degrees. To acquire the license, one needs to pass a Fundamentals of Engineering exam as well and this exam can be taken after graduation.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Carnegio Mellon University

University of California Berkeley

Petroleum Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

There are about 30000 petroleum engineers working in the US at the moment. Around 1180 new jobs in this field are being created every year. The average median salary of a petroleum engineer is $80849.

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