Pharmacist Career

A career as a pharmacist is worth considering.  A pharmacist employs her knowledge and training in the making sure the medications that are bought are properly taken in or administered.  If one has excellent people skills and has in-depth knowledge of the sciences then one may take on this career path.  Being a pharmacist requires one’s commitment.  Looking out for other people’s health is one big responsibility of a pharmacist.  The task of a pharmacist is varied.  The perfect candidate for this position is someone who is able to multitask and at the same time be organized and systematic.  An eye for detail will make one a reliable pharmacist.

How to become a Pharmacist

People who are into life sciences and health are likely candidates for this career title.  One has to take coursework in pre-pharmacy.  Then, one can get a bachelors degree in pharmacy.  Make sure that you get a degree from an accredited college.  One should then take the licensing exam.  Get an internship under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.  With the demands of the work, one must continue to sharpen his knowledge about pharmacy-related courses.

Pharmacist Courses, training, programs

Pharmacy coursework covers pharmacology, ethics, healthcare and others.  One is introduced to the different prescription drugs and their effects on the body.  Laws and ethics that surround the world of pharmacy are also taken up.  Internships provide a way for students to have a hands-on experience to prepare one further in his chosen career path. An aspiring pharmacist has his share of mathematical courses that will help him with the demands of his work.  Communications skill training is also offered since a pharmacist will deal with different types of people.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of California-San Francisco

University of Texas-Austin

University of Kentucky

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Purdue University

Pharmacist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A pharmacist can earn an average of $112,686 annually.  A pharmacist can find himself working in a pharmacy, hospital, pharmaceutical companies or teaching.  With a lot of opportunities in store for a pharmacist there is much room for growth.  One just has to determine where he sees himself satisfied and successful.

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