Pharmacy Clerk Career

A pharmacy clerk is one deployed at a pharmaceutical retail store to drive the sales of drugs and medicines and keep accounts of the drugs brought in and dispatched. Candidates who would like to become a pharmacy clerk should have knowledge on products used in nursing and treating patients. They should also have strong mathematical and accounting skills. The following are the career opportunities and educational requirements needed to become a pharmacy clerk.

How to become a Pharmacy Clerk:

Candidates who would like to aim for the career option of a pharmacy clerk should at least pursue graduation in pharmaceutical sciences like BS in Nursing and Pharmacy, AAS in Nursing assistant, etc. They can also pursue short term or long term courses in basic mathematics and accounting. Any mismatch of data should accurately be informed to the pharmacists for their action. At any point of time the books of accounts should match.

Pharmacy Clerk career courses, training, programs:

Candidates can take up certifications that may also be a part of mandatory requirements in order to become a pharmacy clerk. They need to be well informed about the medical jargon and be able to read doctor prescriptions. They should also have the ability to run the retail pharmacy stores.

Pharmacy Clerk career schools/colleges, education:

Some of the world’s best colleges and opportunities that teach courses in pharmacy clerk are given below for students’ reference. Managing the supply chain of drugs is also an essential component in order to become a pharmacy clerk.

Top colleges/universities:

  • Remington College
  • Arizona State University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Herzing University

Pharmacy Clerk job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates working as a pharmacy clerk in the US should be able to find continuous job opportunities in sectors like pharmacy, retail stores, pharmaceutical firms, retail and departmental grocery stores. At least 1-4 years of relevant experience would be preferable if not mandatory. The compensation scale of a pharmacy clerk ranges between $15,000 and $29,000 per year.

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